If you’re like me, you have a tub full of holsters that suck sitting in your garage.  Holsters are like tennis shoes; you don’t know how they’re going to work out until you wear them a few miles.  More often than not, they go in the tub of redundancy in the back of my garage.

Texas based Bravo Concealment has changed that for me.  I don’t take money from companies to write reviews for their products but I did accept a review sample.  Bravo contacted me and asked me to try out their new Acer DG2. I’ve worn it every time I’ve concealed carried the past few months and I’m impressed by a few details.

In the pictures below, you’ll see something covering the outside area of the Acer DG2’s Kydex construction.  Bravo Concealment is calling it Combat Suede.  Its thin, and does make a comfort difference.  I wore the DG2 on a long boring road trip while appendix carrying at the one o’clock position.  The suede helped increase comfort level beyond just bare Kydex.  Those of you with “carry rash” after long trips in the car know what I’m talking about.


Combat Suede

I’ve also noticed that Bravo Concealment uses quality fittings in their holsters.  They don’t cheap out on components.  I didn’t see any corrosion after wearing the holster against my skin off and on for a few months.  Those of you prone to rusting out your pocket knives and other kit will appreciate this.

Bravo Concealment Fittings

Quality Hardware

DG2 Appendix Carry

VP9 Appendix Carry in DG2

When it comes down to it, holsters are preference items, like trucks, knives, or bed sheets.  I can say that none of my Bravo Concealment holsters have ended up in the dreaded “bin,” and that this model holster is a win for those that carry inside the waistband, either side or appendix.  The Acer DG2 is noticeably more comfortable than a bare Kydex holster and the components used in its construction are premium. Sure, you can find cheaper holsters than some of those offered by Bravo Concealment, but they’ll end up in that garage bin I keep talking about, and it’s your life you’re defending.

Head on over to Bravo Concealment and browse around.  Don’t forget to ask about their .mil, LEO and first responder discounts.

Obligatory gear pic

DG2, H&K VP9, Sebenza, Surefire A2, on a Timbuk2 messenger bag